Contaminant Behaviour on Subsurface

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Pollutants can be transported through different media such as soil, surface and groundwater, and the air.

This generates changes in the natural characteristics and quality of the transport means, in addition to causing impacts and / or risks from which they must be protected.

This course aims to present the main characteristics of organic and inorganic pollutants and how they behave in a shared environment.

The basic principles of groundwater flow, the physicochemical characteristics of soil and groundwater are covered. Heavy metals are also studied, delving into pesticides and PCBs. Next, a review of organic pollutants is made and it is concluded by proposing conceptual study models.

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1. Contaminant behaviour on subsurface

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PhD and MSc in Hydrogeochemistry from University of São Paulo (USP) and Bachelor of Biology from Universidade Estadual Paulista. Consultant in environmental diagnostic, remediation projects and management of contaminated sites. She is also lecturer in classroom and distance learning courses in the environmental area.She has experience in customer technical from environmental Brazilians agencies and Argentina, focused on remediation and bioremediation projects.
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